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Time is a cruel unforgiving mistress
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#i feel as if i have anorexia
#i always think im fat
#k donf eat at all
#my body suplresses my hu ger

It’s not that I force myself not to eat it’s just I don’t want it. I don’t want any food because I’ve been so used to not eating enough that it just caught on.
It doesn’t seem like anyone else is really affected by the fact I don’t eat.
I’m sure that no one would really notice if I died either.
They wouldn’t be surprised
They’d look over and say “Oh that girl. She was always strange, never eating toot much. Brought it on herself.”
Brought it on herself
Of course.

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((((((((this is a website))))))))))

((((((((((stop taking everything seriously))))))))

((((((stop caring about follower count))))))

(((((((((((((unfollow people if you dont like them)))))))))))))

(((((((((don’t whine if someone deletes your comment)))))))

((((((dont b an asshole and send hate))))))


(((((((((supposed 2 b fun)))))))